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Get the results you are looking for and even more in less time it takes for seasons to change. Eliminate the guess work and maximize your time in the gym. By working with a personal trainer you will train smarter, not harder. 

Invest in yourself, you are worth it. Hiring  a personal trainer is a smart decision that will save you time and money in the long run. Many people chose to do generic workouts they find online or in magazine to find themselves injured because of improper techniques or simply because the program was not suited for them. Injuries can be costly in rehab and postponed your end goal. Each individual is unique. A hockey player doesn’t have the same requirements as a swimmer or a runner or a 70yrs old wanting to stay active. Regardless of your fitness endeavor, either it’s athletic performance for your sport, trimming the waist line, or healthy aging, our certified personal trainer will help you reach your goal safely by designing a program tailored to your needs and capabilities. Your trainer will maximize your training by making sure each rep is spot on. As you get stronger, faster, leaner, your trainer will adapt your program to keep you challenged and motivated.  Our personal trainers are at the cutting edge of exercise science and have multiple tools at their disposal to keep your training fun and exciting. Don’t delay anymore, invest in your health and start training smarter, not harder.




**Most popular**

  • Hybrid training (in person 2x/week)
  • Custom program design 
  • Mobility and cardio programs
  • Initial consult and assessment including initial video or in-person assessment
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Daily app-messaging support and accountability

train smarter, not harder

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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Client Testimonials

I had the opportunity to do group classes (TRX, TABATA, and SPIN) with Liza as well as 1-1 personal training. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Liza. Her energy is contagious, she is encouraging, and she helped me go from “hating fitness” to loving every class and feeling excited about the positive changes I was seeing in my body and my physical abilities. She tailored a fitness program for my spouse and I to do together (we both have very different fitness abilities and physiques) – in doing this she was mindful of my previous knee injury and she taught us the importance of proper form. She is so welcoming and non-judgmental. I have since moved from Smithers, and I wish I could have taken Liza with me!

Jenna Hydamacka

New Horizon Fitness took me and an ancient shoulder injury on and helped turn around years of movement limitations and weakness. The care and research that went into my re-training workouts were always appreciated as they consistently worked me toward a stronger, healthier me. My range of motion and much of my strength is back- but more importantly is my refound sense of being able to be active and have fun again! Liza patiently and energetically helped me regain confidence in using my body effectively during an old injury recovery. And she still checks in on where I’m at years later. Thanks Liza!

Sarina Delange

” Liza changed my life! I learned so much about body mechanics and how to exercise and not get hurt. I would recommend everyone work with this amazing fun woman.

Trish Fraser

Liza is a great motivator and is great at making sure exercise is done correctly to avoid getting hurt.

Martine Van Assen-Vanderveen

Liza is committed to helping you be the best possible you. Her focus on form, mobility and nutrition truly make a difference. She really promotes health and wellness through listening to your body. She inspires, encourages and truly makes a difference!

Bev Keel-Forster

Amazing Fitness Instructor!  With her bubbly personality, Liza has helped me overcome my fear of attending a group class.  Her concern with injuries makes me feel like the exercise routines are tailored specifically for me.  She makes exercise feel like fun.

Jackie Johnson

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